Smart Microgrids Madrid Community Program (PROMINT-CM)

Deployment and development of microgrids in urban areas


The PROMINT project is designed to investigate different aspects involved in the deployment and development of microgrids in urban areas

It is funded by the Community of Madrid with a grant for the implementation of programs of R&D activities among research groups of the Community of Madrid in "Tecnologías 2018", co-financed with the operational programs of the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund, 2014-2020.



1. Design, simulation and evaluation of the communications layer for distributed power systems operating in microgrids

2. Modelling, control and energy management in hybrid DC/AC smart grids

3. Energy recovery in rail transport networks and their integration in urban microgrids

4. Design and implementation of an energy management system for hybrid renewable generation and battery storage systems

5. Machine learning applied to microgrids, electric vehicles and energy management

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5 Participant Research Groups  


 Electronic Engineering Applied to Renewable Energy Systems (GEISER) Group 

Heuristics for Optimisation and Design of Communication Networks (GHEODE) Group

 Power Systems Control (GCP) Group  Electric Power Systems (GEA-IIT) Group Unit of Electrical Systems

 Most of the research groups participating in PROMINT were part of the PRICAM programme ("Programa Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes en la Comunidad de Madrid), funded by the Comunidad de Madrid in the "Tecnologías 2013" call. 

The previous PRICAM programme had the following results: 15 PhD tesis read, more than 80 publications in prestigious international journals, 9 researchers entered into the labour market, 50 papers in international congresses and 12 projects with companies from the colaboration with PRICAM.



2 Participating REDLAB Laboratories 


Smart Energy Integration Lab (REDLAB-368) 


Electronic Technology Laboratory (REDLAB-169)

 8 Participant Companies  







Latest News

Latest News

4th Meeting of the Scientific-Technical Sub-Committeee: PROMINT 2022 results

4th Meeting of the Scientific-Technical Sub-Committeee: PROMINT 2022 results

The fourth Meeting of the Scientific-Technical Sub-Committee of the PROMINT programme was held on the 2nd of December to present the 2022 results for each of the research groups and laboratories.

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Presentaciones del Workshop

Presentaciones del Workshop "Redes y Microrredes Urbanas" celebrado en IMDEA Energía el 29 de septiembre

En el Workshop "Redes y microrredes urbanas" celebrado en IMDEA Energía el 29 de septiembre de 2022, han participado las empresas Iberdrola (i-DE), ADIF, Deloitte, Huawei y B5tec y se han presentado los resultados de nuestro proyecto PROMINT.

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Workshop "Redes y Microrredes Urbanas" organizado por IMDEA Energía el próximo 29 de septiembre

En este Workshop, enmarcado en el proyecto PROMINT-CM, se tratará y discutirá sobre los retos principales del desarrollo de las redes eléctricas urbanas y de la descarbonización de las redes ferroviarias, las oportunidades que aporta la integración de renovables a los mercados de la energía y el desarrollo de soluciones técnicas: convertidores de electrónica de potencia, sistemas de almacenamiento y algoritmos de gestión.

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