Research Areas

Smart grids and energy efficiency

Multiagent systems for smart grid control and management.
Protocols and appliances of new communications networks.
Control algorithms for smart grid.
Energy efficiency.
Remote management and configuration.
Electric vehicles

Power converters

Robust control of grid converters.
Hysteresis current controller for multilevel converter.
MIMO controllers for LCL filters and other filter of high order.
Feedback linearization control for non lineal filters.
Remote laboratory for experimentation with power converter.

Power quality

Grid impedance estimation.
Estimation of grid variables by means of PLL's, FFTs, Kalman filters, correlators, etc.
Adding characteristic to the AFE as STATCOM, active filters, etc.
Comparison of different topologies of wind turbines. Analysis of behavior under grid disturbances and mechanical disturbances.

Motor control modeling and exciting

AC parameters estimation.
Adaptative control of AC machines.

FPGA's-DSP for implementing control algorithms

Design of FPGA-DSP based boards.
Implementation of control algorithms in DSP or/and FPGA.